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Mobile, High Speed Satellite Internet Service with Telephone and Fax

Thanks the advancement in technology, mobile incident and business continuity truly is just one phone call away.

This user-friendly technology makes an ideal virtual office setup, providing phone, Internet, 2-way video, and data services on-demand in remote locations. Fire DAWG Green's Mobile Communication Unit is a full turnkey trailer. Fire DAWG Green's Type I clerical units come equipped with this system.

Fire DAWG systems offer telephone and fax over a satellite Internet link. Our satellite telephone will work over our high speed satellite Internet connection just like your phone at home.

Satellite Communications

Telephone number or even an 800-number. Outbound calls from the remote site can use any selected 1+ long-distance carrier, calling cards, or 10-10-XXX access.

Both inbound and outbound fax capabilities are included. The system uses standard analog telephone and/or fax equipment at the remote site-just plug it in, and use it like you would on a regular connection.

The satellite telephone is designed for users in remote locations using high speed satellite Internet service where access to traditional telephone service is not available.

  • Acquires satellite in approximately three minutes
  • Provides voice, data, and video communications in remote locations
  • IP routers equipped with TCP acceleration and QoS
  • Scability of bandwidth
  • Unparalleled reliability
  • Lines are ran to any desktop in camp within 800 feet
  • Customer service 24/7
  • Sound quality is approximately cellular level
  • Turnkey trailer

When ordering, ask for EERA Contract #:

Fed: 56-9A28-5-0531
AZ State: 01-133-06

CEO, Julie Quigley
Office: 530-938-4131
Fax: 530-842-0610
Cell: 530-722-5236

14138  Wildhorse Rd  /  Weed, CA 96094  /  (877) Dawg 2 GO  /  (530) 938-4131  /
     (877) 329-4240
To order equipment, inquire about availibility, or for more information call Fire DAWG at (877) Dawg 2 GO.

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